Friday, June 26, 2009

Its Our 10th Anniversary!

Who would have thought we would have made it this far - ME, of course! I cannot believe that it was 10 years ago today that our wedding took place. At this time 10 years ago, we were unloading the limo to enjoy - the hot, sultry, June afternoon @ the Pinicon Ridge Park. We had to rush and start with the cake, as it was being cooled with fans and the cake person was worried it was going to slip ~ I didn't add a picture of the cake to my slideshow ~ hmm! Anyway, it was a wonderful day and one I hope to never forget, I want to be like my grandmother and have my memories with me as we grow old together. To celebrate our anniversary today, we got up very early (while the rabbits were in our backyard) woke our kids, and traveled to Floyd, IA. We purchased a popup camper. Before having kids, Jason and I did quite a few tent camping trips to different places in Eastern Iowa, camping has been rekindled as Logan is in a program at church and gets to go on overnight campouts for Bible Memorization. As well as, spending time at my parents camper. (they have a fancy trailer) The kids have enjoyed being at the campground, having a campfire and going on hikes. Jason and I thought it would be wise to start with a more basic model of camper, rather than biting off more than we can chew with a large trailer. What we have got, should pull easily behind our Odyssey and not take up too much room in our yard. Also, with the kids being small and messy, we didn't want to invest in something that would soon, become part of the outdoors! *Mud* We are hoping to get it cleaned up and ready to use a time or two still this camping season. The kids think we should have just driven to a campground on our way home. I will be sure to post pictures when Jason is home and we set it up. The rest of the day Jason will be at work and later I will be taking the 3 older kids bowling with our church. We plan to go to Wisconsin Dells *ALONE * in July. It will be the first time ever leaving Lucy overnight, and the first time Logan, Morgan and Ethan will have a sleepover without either Jason or myself. We believe this is a well deserved 2 days away! I can't wait 'til we go! I love my husband ~ he is truly a wonderful guy and an awesome Daddy!


At June 26, 2009 at 2:07 PM , Blogger Jason and Jessi said...

Aww, yay! Happy anniversary!!!


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