Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She Will Always Be My Baby!

Lucy turned two on Tuesday, the 29th! It seems like she has been with us forever, although this is just her 2nd Christmas with us. She has grown into such a little person.

She has a personality that we love and a spirit we don't want her to lose. She is so loving, so kind, so mischievious, so mean, so tender, so cuddly, so bossy, so obedient ~ she is our little girl! She has been making a lot of milestones in the past few days, in speech as well as in just growing up. She has a big girl bed and stays in it! Lucy is also ready and wants to get rid of diapers! (ahhhh... a raise in grocery money coming my way! - I have bought diapers for the past 9 years and 1 month, very regularly and for three of those years I was buying diapers for 2)

Lucy loves her siblings a ton, she loves to be with them and when they aren't with us, she is asking about them constantly. Just in October she was calling Logan, Lo-Lo, Morgan was Mor Mor and Ethan was Jay Jay, since November she can say all of thier names perfect! Her speech is very clear and getting bigger everyday!
Everyone notices she is much more spoiled than the rest of the kids, I cave into her often for many different things - I hope I don't regret this as she gets older. She loves to clean up and she absolutely hates messes! Heaven forbid she dribbles milk on the table or gets a little sauce on her hand. Its ok, when she eats chocolate to wait until she is done, but if it is something else, she insists on a cloth to clean it up right away.
*Only Lucy is allowed to eat with her feet on the table (only on her birthday though).
She is surely in love with her Daddy and he is certainly wrapped around her little finger! While Daddy is home with her, she doesn't want him out of her sight, unless of course, she wants to get into something that she shouldn't, like toilet paper and lady products. The bathroom is her favorite playroom over the past couple weeks! The kids don't always get the door latched when they are done and Lucy slips in and makes herself at home, very quietly. She is our little Lucy and we love her to pieces!


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