Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving Rooms

Well ~ what do you get when you have a playroom and a boys bedroom on a floor that no one ever goes unless they are under 5 ft tall! A Mess!

Our upstairs, gets a major cleaning twice a year. Once in the fall when it starts to get cold, so we can move the boys to the front room which is much warmer in the winter. And once in late spring to move them to the back room that we put a window air conditioner in, otherwise it gets rather steamy up there. It is time to swap thier room with the playroom.

Unfortunately we have to dismantle their beds every time to get them through the door ~ and set them back up again. Ethan was very upset that we took thier bunk beds down, they don't work well in the front room, with the slanted ceilings and the staircase.

During this time I also help the kids clean, usually they do it on their own. This is the time I always clean with a garbage bag in one hand and a Goodwill bag in the other. The kids were happy to have me only get one bag out of thier playroom this time ~ I only sent the air hockey table to Goodwill! Boy ~ what a big space that freed up! The kids haven't hardly played with the thing in the last 3 years and Ethan bawled when we took it out, saying he wanted to play hockey. (Which hasn't been touched in months!) I still am going to get rid of toys, but, we are going to take them to Aunt Peggy's house where the kids can visit them and play with them there. The kids only play with certain toys, while we are at home. ~ The others get left behind to collect dust and be strewn across the floor, by a certain little girl who isn't quite two. This has been a multiple day process, Saturday we got the beds moved and some cleaning done, yesterday we got the whole backroom, cleaned and organized (the way I like it) and we have the front room where their beds are to get a little more organized.
It is looking really good now - I will have to post the finished product soon! Until next time - Enjoy!


At December 1, 2009 at 3:46 PM , Blogger Robin said...

What a feeling of accomplishment having all that done!


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