Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, Pictures

I have had so much going on lately I haven't been able to post much. We are very thankful that Julienne is doing so well! I have a good friend who also cuts hair, she was able to stop by and trim up Julienne's hair for her. When Julienne was ready to go to the lab the next day, Ethan seen her and said "Your hair is beautiful!" that made Julienne's day!
Monday was her two week checkup after her discharge and her doctor said she is a "Raging Success Story." I must admit the past couple days she has had a headache and had an upset stomach some. Although she is doing very well, for the surgery that she had. Her numbers are all very good and we are planning some time in Postville for a couple days. We are going to have a good visit and have a wonderful time. Here are some misc. pictures from the past week!
Important note: Lucy + Apple Juice and 1 Prune = Disaster! Morgan was the receiver of a big mess, she picked Lucy up off from going upstairs and ended up with the brunt of Lucy's disaster!!


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