Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Days

I have seen many have been checking for updates, and there hasn't been one for a few days, now here you have it! We have had some good days, with lots of improvements! Everyday Julienne is getting stronger and has been doing well. Continue to pray for healing and for the pain, she is still very uncomfortable at times. We have been to St. Lukes to get labs done and we have been working on school. Julienne enjoys having the kids do thier reading with her and it has really been helping me out as well! I can start school with one while the other is reading to Julienne. The kids really enjoy having her here, when it is time for her to return to her house, we are really going to miss her! We have conquered a couple things in the past few days that have been milestones as far as recovery goes - it has been very encouraging. Julienne has gotten phone calls from friends, a couple cards and a few visitors, this really lifts her spirits! Thank you all for your prayers they are very appreciated and it is encouraging for Julienne to know she is in many thoughts and prayers! They aren't being taken for granted!

Did I mention we are living with a monster, whom seems to be getting 4 eye teeth all at once! Boy do we love her!


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