Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Play time!

This past weekend, was a weekend on a mission. There was one small window of opportunity to take some pictures of the kids and this was it! I went to Postville this weekend, to help Jason's Aunt Julienne get some things around her house fixed up and put together. She wanted to get some of her house in order before coming back to the University to have surgery this coming Friday. I installed some braces in her closet, put up new curtain rods and fixed some curtains for her. As well as some general cleaning. Julienne and I had a good time getting things fixed up at her house on Friday. I had taken Grandma Violet, Morgan and Ethan to work with Peggy to play bingo with the residents and Lucy and I were able to spend the afternoon helping Julienne. Saturday, was the canoe trip in Bluffton and Sunday was church and a short time to take it easy and play. Lucy was wandering around in her diaper and her favorite shoes to wear at Peggy 's house and she was being a big cheese! Morgan and Ethan played Uno with Aunt Peggy while Charlie kept checking their game out. Me, well I was just taking a few pictures and watching them play Uno. It was really relaxing! On Monday, I was off to help Julienne get a couple last minute things done and run some errands prior to leaving to Iowa City. I was able to get the kids dropped off at a sitter's and get Julienne to the hospital. We got her all checked in and settled, before I called it a night and left the hospital at 8:30 to get home by 9:00pm. I was pleased to be able to help and I am so thankful to have the flexibility of homeschooling, so I am able to help when there is a need to be filled. I also appreciate the friends that have helped with my kids in this time. Please continue to pray for our Aunt Julienne, she is having open heart surgery Friday to have her Mitral Valve Replaced for the 2nd time, the first time was 45 years ago. Please pray that God will guide the surgeons hands, and the metal valve will be able to removed easily. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!


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