Friday, September 11, 2009

School, School, School

I knew my adventures over the summer would be coming to an end and they have officially ended! The kids and I started school yesterday, like a good parent I took first day of school pictures ~ someday they may make it into a book, or maybe even off the computer, for now they are making it onto my blog. Morgan, who is now 6, is starting 1st Grade and couldn't be happier. The curriculum that I have chosen to use starts Cursive Writing in 1st and Morgan is very anxious to get started so she can learn to write cursive. Logan, who is now 8, almost 9, is starting 3rd grade, he is also eager to get started. I am very fortunate, on most days the kids are very willing to get to thier schoolwork. Ethan will be doing some preschool books, although I am not going to do to much with him, he is a smart little guy and I don't want him to get bored in Kindergarten next year. For now, I have 2 days done and 146 to go! Not that I am counting down or anything.


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