Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh My Garsh!

Well, that is what I heard when I was getting Ethan a shower! It was loud and I knew something was wrong when Granmda said, "Oh My Garsh!" Her favorite saying! I instantly thought I would come out of the bathroom and find a bloody child coming in the door, that is how distressed her saying was. I did not find a bloody child, or even a hurt child. I came close enough to see a snake on the kitchen floor, thankfully on the other side of the counter from where I was! I jumped back and screamed, Logan was going to come in the house, changed his mind and shut the door and Grandma Violet, jumped up and got the broom to try and get it out of the house ~ the broom had to work, since they don't keep a garden hoe in the house!

In the mean time, Morgan was going to come in and Logan had run to find the garden hoe, Ethan was wrapped in a towel, from the shower he was having, Lucy was in her playpen screaming from the commotion that woke her up, I was calling Peggy to let her in on the news that I just knew I couldn't keep from her, and Grandma was digging for the snake in the pantry. The snake got scared and slid under the door into the pantry once he noticed Grandma Violet was a coming after him! By now Morgan is on the couch in the living room, screaming and crying, Lucy is still in the crib, I am in disbelief on the phone with Peggy, Logan is going - Get It Grandma! Get it! and Ethan is streaking because he wants to see the snake. I send Logan and Ethan to the bedroom to help get Ethan some clothes and Morgan has calmed down some, Lucy is still screaming in her playpen and I am looking for my camera to get a picture. I wish I would have grabbed my small camera to video tape it, it would have won funniest home videos for sure! I watch as Grandma is getting after it with the broom and ice scraper that Logan found, the garden hoe was unfindable in the frenzy, and watch the snake slither across the floor towards the door, atleast he wants to get back outside. Grandma had pulled everything out from the bottom of Peggy's pantry and is tripping over things, I am getting worried that she's going to fall and I will have to help her and still have the snake in the house. The snake was not finding his way out as easily as he had gotten in! The kids are still watching and I have to send the boys back in to continue adding clothes to Ethan, they had a good start but he still wasn't decent. Grandma finally got the snake out to the patio and she is after it with the ice scraper and isn't going to let it get away. She gets him and he is still wiggling all over creation while she has him pinned under the blade and she looks at me through the window and tells me she needs something to bash over its head, she suggests a hammer. I had seen there was a hammer on the golf cart earlier, wondering and still wondering why it was there in the first place and gave that to her and got back inside the house to look out the window. Now the three older kids and I are watching out the window while grandma clobbers the snake over the head with the hammer and Lucy is still screaming in her bed. The kids rush outside to see the dead snake and I too, go out to take a picture of the thing! YuCk! Finally Lucy gets rescued from her playpen and I get everyone else showered and the rest of my things to the car, rather in a haste to leave the snakey house that I once felt comfortable in. I called Peggy when the snake was dead and some of the excitement was over. Grandma and I left the snake on her patio for her to see when she came home from work last night ~ we didn't want to get rid of her new houseguest before she had the chance to meet him. I have never been so happy to leave Peggy's house in the past month as I was yesterday!


At September 10, 2009 at 7:09 PM , Blogger mmrhodes8892 said...

wow !

At September 10, 2009 at 7:27 PM , Blogger Robin said...

You just had to top my bat story!


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