Monday, August 17, 2009

Beans, Beans....

Beans, Beans, go away and come again another day, Logan and Morgan just wanna play!
That is a good theme for today. My neglected garden has so many beans... Big ones, Medium ones, Small ones, and blooms. The kids and I started picking beans yesterday and finished up today. The kids have spent quite a bit of time in the garden helping me get them all. Logan went down the middle of the 2 rows (grown together rows) and Morgan picked on the outside of the rows. I don't know how many beans we picked but, I have atleast 7 pounds! I didn't even plant the whole packet of beans this year. Next year, I am going to change some things ~ that's whats great about my garden, every year you learn something new to try from this years growth, and growth, and growth! I am going to weed down my plants when they have begun to grow - so I have 1 plant every 6 inches rather than 3 every six inches! Jason is going to make me a taller archway type fence for the beans to grow on, the weight of the beans has totally knocked the fence over half way! Back to the beans today, the kids helped pick the beans, snap the beans, cut the beans and cleanup the snaps off the floor and the table ~ they had a blast helping. They went to pick beans 3 different times today. I would give them breaks between the times we were at the garden. I felt so good when Logan came in the first time and the last time. The first time he came in, his bag was full to the top, and he was very proud of it! He said that he was getting tired, but he just kept going and going to get the job done! The last time he came in, he said that when he gets older and has his own garden he is going to plant so much corn and a few other things too. Morgan chimed in and said she is going to plant corn, zucchini, beans, peas and lots of other things in her garden when she has her own house and yard. I am so thankful for thier willingness to help and that they are so proud of watching the garden grow. They know that it is God who has taken care of our garden and has given us our plentiful produce! I am so happy we are learning together how to plant, take care of and can/freeze the food that God has provided in our own backyard!


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