Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ethan: "Momma, God can never break, right?
Momma: "No Ethan, God can never break."
Ethan: "He's just a shadow"
Momma: "Well, I don't think we would call Him a shadow, God just doesn't break."
Ethan: "Because He is everywhere?"
Momma: "That's right!"

My Ethan! He is a thinker and comes up with the most brilliant ideas. He is very boisterous, and at the same time very shy of loud noises. Ethan loves his family and friends, he is very huggable and cuddly. He loves to just sit on my lap and read books, watch a little tv, and he always wants to be on someone's lap when we pray before bed. He is a delightful little guy, who can also be very mischevious. God has given us a special gift in Ethan! Did I mention he has beautiful blue eyes to boot!?!


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