Monday, August 3, 2009

The Long Ride!

Today was a day my kids have waited for, for a very long time. After talking with a friend over the weekend, I felt led to dig my bike out of the corner of the garage. Jason has been organizing the garage, so I only had to sit on a tractor tire, lift the bike over a tractor lawnmower bagger, and two push mowers - not as hard as it would have been in recent weeks. So, I dug out my bike, that my dad bought for me when I was a teenager and the same one I haven't ridden since the summer of 2001. I had gotten a bucket of water to clean off the bike and the kids wanted to clean it! They automatically think that if they clean it, I will ride with them! Kind of like if you build it, they will come.... anyway! They did an awesome job, I should have taken a before and after shot. It was incredible how much dust and yuck was on there!

When they were done I said I was going to try it out to see if I could still ride a bike. Logan was so excited, (thinking bike ride) he asked if I had coulottes... I said I did, and he was even more excited... (thinking... we get to go!) I rode around in the front yard and in my neighbors driveway, now Logan is even more excited, for sure we get to go, mom can ride a bike! Pretty impressive isn't it. Logan took some pictures for me, but WoW ~ I am not as little as I use to be on a bike! So I haven't decided if I am going to post the pictures, they turned out nice, but I am vain! ok here it is...

After helping a friend for a couple hours this afternoon, I took the kids on a bike ride down the street, around the corner, and down that street ~ WELL ~ what goes down must come up! I was s proud of myself, I made it down both hills, 3/4 the way up the 1st hill and all the way up the second hill. For those of you who know my driveway, I skipped that and came up my neighbors drive, its at 1 degree angle compared to our 45 degree angled drive! I came to a stop in our driveway, got Lucy out of her seat and collapsed on the front steps. I haven't felt my heart beat so hard and fast for a very long time. It took me quite a few minutes before I could walk down and check on my garden ~ did I mention my beans have been attacked by Japenese Beetles! Well, the bike ride was a success! I need to find a way that I can take all of our bikes to the trail for a bike ride. Considering my neighborhood is a hill in every direction leaving my house, that's just not good for Ethan and Me. My poor litte Ethan had lots of walking and pushing his bike uphill to do!
Did I mention Lucy got a hold of my camera and broke my very best lens... 8-( ... In the next day or two I need to take it to the camera shop and see if it is repairable. A new lens is upwards of $250.00! There is no broken glass ~ it just isn't focusing the right way and its a bit noisey! Anyway, I am praying that it is fixable and won't cost too much!


At August 4, 2009 at 5:58 AM , Blogger Robin said...

Way to go Ida! Sounds like a fun day!


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