Monday, July 27, 2009

Postville or Bust!

On Friday and Saturday the kids and I spent time in Postville, with Jason's Aunt Peggy and Grandma Violet (Going strong at 91)! On the way to Grandma Violets house, I ran into road construction and eventually storms, Thank God for answering prayer and watching over us! The "Shorter" way was detoured because of roadwork ~ had it not been we would have been right in the wrong place at the wrong time! Thank God for road construction! I watched and was able to get pictures {Yes, while I was driving - my secret} as the sky had a perfect line of dark, dark, dark and sunny! I drove into sprinkles for a few secs and they quickly became down pour, I couldn't see past my Windshield! I prayed to find a driveway and there was one within feet, I was able to get turned around and out of the storm in just a minute! The kids and I were praying ~ no sooner did we say Amen! and I could physically see the clouds move over the highway and the rain downpouring within feet of the highway as I drove. Logan and Morgan were very excited and Thank God, as I was too that the rain moved off of our road. I continued to drive to Postville and along the way I seen so much damage that God kept us safe from! The hail in places was softball size, we are so thankful God watched over us. We seen trees down everywhere as well as on a house, we seen new boulders that fell from small cliffs beside portions of the highway and we seen devastation to cornfields from the hail. The hour and 45 min. drive turned into three hours and from 89 miles to 114! When we arrived to Jason's Grandma's house, she had no electricity, though it was restored to the farm after a couple hours. In that time the kids and I weaved rugs on Grandma's Loom. It was so much fun. We were able to get 3 rugs completed before coming home Saturday night. The kids loved riding the Golf Cart all over the farm, between Peggy's house and Grandma's. On Saturday night we drove to Clermont and ate at TJ's Pizza Place - Awesome Pizza! On our way there and back we took detours and drove on old gravel roads where Grandma grew up. It is amazing to be with Grandma Violet and hear her stories. It was awesome to watch her weave on her loom that she bought 50 some years ago, for $40.00 to make rugs to help make a little money for the family when times were tough. I love to be with Grandma Violet, we try to take the kids there often so they will get to know Grandma Violet ~ she is an extra-ordinary lady! We love her to pieces!


At July 27, 2009 at 4:53 PM , Blogger Robin said...

Wow! What a fun adventure and great pictures! I enjoyed reading about it!


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