Friday, July 17, 2009

Fall in July

Today was a unique day, it was very chilly in our town. The morning started out nice and went dark and breezy from there. Which made for another great day to take some pictures! I started the day taking Lucy to her 18 month appointment, she is doing well, growing as she should and communicating as she should and moving about as she should. Lucy and I then went grocery shopping, I had started shopping on Thursdays a year or more ago, rather than Friday's, I remembered why ~ right away at Fareway! The stores are so busy! I got home in time for Jason to leave for work and the kids needing lunch. After lunch my Lucy took a nap, Logan, Morgan and Ethan played very nicely upstairs for some time with no problems! I am loving it the older they get.
I talked to my sister-in-law today and they are not having a very good day, they had to put thier dog to sleep, thier dog had a stroke this past Tuesday, Dodger was 12 years old. My kids and I have prayed for them at dinner time and bed time to have comfort from the Lord. ~ Those of us who have pets know ~ they are part of our family! Our love goes out to them.

The kids and I played outside for awhile and picked some cucumbers and peppers. I have plenty of cucumbers to make some bread and butter pickles, I will soon have many more. My garden is growing extremely well. This is a picture of my beans, I am wondering how I am going to go down the middle of this row!

For dinner I made some yummy blueberry, and chocolate chip pancakes. Morgan requested that I put both blueberries and chocolate chips in one of her pancakes ~ She ate it right up! With the leftover blueberries I added some, bananas, strawberries and vanilla icecream, blended them in the food processor and we had a very pretty, delicious smoothie! My kids think I am the greatest! - And one more thing, Ethan knows why blueberries are called blueberries.. .they are blue and they are a berry! I just love him!


At July 18, 2009 at 6:54 PM , Blogger Jason and Jessi said...

Such cute pictures! I love the closeup of Morgan at the top!


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