Sunday, July 12, 2009


We took our first camping trip this past week. Jason and I took the kids to Lake MacBride Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We all had a really great time. The kids absolutely loved everthing about it! The weather was very nice, it was never too hot, however it did storm REALLY Bad, three different times. The storms all came at awesome times and the kids slept right through them. I was for sure thinking atleast Lucy would wake up in the storm, but she didn't! Thursday night we went on a long walk and were able to see 4 deer, very close. We also ran into some friends from church on our walk, Morgan asked Jason, "Isn't that a girl from church, it looks like her." Thursday night we had a campfire and the kids had smores ~ it was kind of sticky. Friday morning the first storm came in around 5:30am and lasted a couple hours. We had time to get the kids to the bathroom, eat breakfast, clean up before the second storm came at 11:00am. It was a very high wind and LOUD storm. This storm made a mess of the park, there were branches down everywhere. It also left the campground pretty muddy, but the kids didn't mind ~ neither did Tanner. After lunch we took the kids for a walk and fishing. They each were able to catch a fish, between Tanner and Lucy I was not enjoying our fishing time. We made it back to the campground to find many more people had joined us. Thursday night we were all alone, other than 1 small tent, that left right away in the morning after the first storm. Jason took the older kids to the Beach to play for awhile, while Lucy, Tanner and I went to Solon, to get some ice. Lucy and I met back up with the the family at the beach and she loved it. When we walked to the beach on Thursday, she didn't care for the sand getting on her, Friday she didn't seem to mind. There was another small group of people next to us at the beach that were not being very careful. One of the guys took a baby's hand the same size as Lucy and a little boy - 3 years old, and walked with them into the water. The water was deeper than the baby's diaper, the man let go of her hand and went running and dove into the water, while the baby fell. (the water was freezing - for the baby anyway) I was too far away to get her, as was the rest of the group they were with, but I was able to yell to Jason and he quickly snatched up the baby and took her to the shore to her mommy. The mother was very upset with the man who left the baby alone in the water and very greatful for Jason and I watching out for her. Friday night ended with a nice meal and campfire (a raccoon came right up the campsite) and the kids all were asleep by 10:15. 10:45ish brought our 3rd storm, and goodness was it ever loud. Our camper kept us very dry through all storms ~ we were very appreciative! The people across from us were in tents and they had their pillows hanging out to dry Saturday Morning. Saturday morning @ 6:00am I brought Tanner home and wet laundry from the beach the day before. I was able to get cleaned up, start laundry, and get back to the camper before the kids woke up. Jason was cleaning up around camp and found a toad, he saved it in Tanner's dish for the kids to look at when they woke up. We had Casey's Breakfast Pizza and took the kids on another fishing trip. This fishing trip was for Jason to be able to fish, he wasn't able to fish while Logan, Morgan and Ethan were fishing he was constantly tying new hooks and rebaiting. Everyone prayed that Jason would catch a catfish for them too see. They were so happy and thanking God when the first catfish was caught. Lucy slept during most of this fishing trip and Tanner was at home, it was much more enjoyable for me. Morgan and Ethan were playing by the shore. Ethan fell in once up to his waist, he was more careful after this. Morgan found a crawdad so Jason caught it for the kids and then he put it back so it wouldn't die, after they all looked at it. Logan helped Jason fish and it worked out very well. In the end Logan caught 4 catfish and Jason caught one. When we got home last night we had a nice catfish dinner and Logan thanked God for answering our prayer and letting them catch 5 fish! God is Good!


At July 12, 2009 at 8:32 PM , Blogger Robin said...

What fun!! Great pictures! The first of many camping adventures!


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