Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!!!

Happy 4th of July! Our family had a really great day! By the time the kids got to bed at 10:45 tonight they were exhausted! We spent the majority of the day at church for our annual 4th Picnic. The kids always love this because the get to play for hours with their friends, have various rides, horse rides, and golf cart rides. Jason and I are able to visit with friends and watch our kids have fun. We left the church a little after 8:00 and stopped home for a few things before heading to the fireworks with my brother and his wife's family. The kids are always happy to spend time and play with thier cousin Nick and Ashley. Tonight they were able to share sparklers with them. Jason and I never had a chance to get any, Uncle Ken had plenty to share (Thank you) It is now 11:51pm and I too, am ready for a good night's rest before church in the morning, we had a very fun-filled, busy day!


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