Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Official...

My Baby is 1 & 1/2! Lucy is 18 months today and the bad parent I am, I did not get her pictures taken. I snapped these minutes before she went to bed. We had a rough night last night ~ poor Lucy has a small bout of loose diapers, I don't really understand it much though. She has been as happy as a lark, one might say, and she wants to eat all the time and doesn't act sick. I am hoping this will pass very soon. This little bout of whatever she has, has also given her, her very first diaper rash! This evening, however it was much better. I am looking forward to Jason and I's *Alone Time* next week, I hope this sickness leaves as fast as it came! She is becoming such a little person, and she is really starting to say lots of words, and understands so much! Her newest is to tell me to buckle, (before I even have the car started) and she doesn't quit saying "buckle" until I buckle. There are many words she says that I am very impressed with her pronunciation. I am sure she will be a talker, much like her sister, Lucy is showing us the similarities often. ~ Note to self, keep the fingernail polish up! ~


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