Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fishy Business. . .

Fishing was fun this morning and we were happy to fish with our friends. Unfortunately we did not catch any decent fish ~ only many other things. Logan quit fishing for fish, and fished for crawdads ~ he was very successful! He caught many crawdads and Mrs. Brown was using them for bait, he loved it! Morgan was catching many small sunfish / bluegills. Ethan finished fishing first before everyone else, he was wandering while we fished. Mr. Brown caught a small bass, and a huge snapping turtle! He got the turtle to shore and it finally got off the hook - it was so large, I was able to get a picture, only when it turned to go back to the water! I would have gotten a better picture but, my new lens cap was on - oops!

Jason, I don't think caught anything other then rocks, he spent much of his time helping the kids and sometimes me, get our lines back in the water. He was such a good sport and willing to help us. Overall, we all had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to fishing with them again sometime in the future.
This afternoon we went to Old MacDonald's Farm with my friend, her daughter and her nephew. Who happens to be one of Ethan's friends from church, the kids had a wonderful time checking out the animals. When we were done looking at the animals we went to the playground. They all did really well sharing the tire swing - the hit of the playground tonight. (if you can't tell I am getting rather short - because I am so tired!)

PS. Ethan asked me tonight while getting a drink of water, in his serious tone "Does God Pee?" I changed the subject to eating watermelon when he was done with water. Ethan is certainly our earliest "thinker" of the bunch!


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