Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Photo Day

I don't have many of these, but today I didn't take one picture, let alone touch my camera. We all were up by 9 and outside by 10:00! We are in splitting wood mode right now, preparing for this winter. I was reading something today in Readers Digest about Global Warming and Mild Winters. I am wondering, the global warming people must live in the South, because we were plenty cold and snowy the past couple years. We are even having an awesome summer ~ only one week that was unbearably hot and humid! Today was a nice warm day in the 70's! Global Warming has not been effecting Cedar Rapids as it has been effecting other parts of our world. So, in planning for this winter we have been chopping wood like crazy yesterday and today. The wood we went through today has been in a pile in the corner of our yard for quite a few years. As we were getting to the bottom of the pile, Logan and I were splitting while Jason was getting the wood from the pile, Jason got stung by a B-52! We found a nice nest of bees under our wood. It was very large ~ there were egg sacks and everything! We didn't have any bee killer, although Brake Cleaner works just as well. We continued to split while bees would buzz around every few minutes, it was kind of unnerving. After the bee incident, Jason was going to split a nice sized stump, I have learned, stumps are harder to split through, rather than trunks and branches. Anyway, he split the stump and it split easily *Clue* the whole inside of the stump was covered in carpenter ants! NASTY! When we moved into our house, within weeks we found carpenter ants in our garage. We fixed that problem right away, I could have spent the rest of my life just fine never seeing a carpenter ant nest ever again! For some reason, God thought he would have one be just a foot away from me today. It was so yucky! The ants were going crazy trying to save all thier eggs - uhhh! - just thinking about it again makes me feel like ants are crawling up my arms and legs! I never felt led to take a picture of today's find ~ I will always be fine not having those pictures on my blog or in my scrapbooks. The kids were all very tired after our morning outside and as each one got showered, they laid down for the afternoon, which was wonderful, I was also able to squeeze in a little nap. (don't tell anyone) I did however, get a few more loads of laundry done today, split wood, fed my children and took them to church and I worked in Lucy's nursery. Another day with plenty of accomplishments! (and a nap). Up early tomorrow to go fishing with some wonderful friends ~ have a good night!


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