Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another Day

Today we had a very relaxing day. I had to do some shopping, after our two vacations last week, we didn't have much of anything in our refridgerator. The kids had requested pickles, so I bought pickles for the third time in the last week. Why three times in one week, the first two times I bought "Hot Sauce" flavored pickles, Morgan and Ethan did not like them at all. I certainly didn't intend on buying that flavor, plain old dill was the plan. I accidentally bought the hot sauce ones the first time, the second time I specifically looked for dill pickles, thinking I had gotten them I had brought them home. Morgan was with me yesterday when I got them out for her and she said, "Not the hot sauce pickles" I told her, "these are not hot sauce pickles, they are the normal ones" she said "I just read hot sauce flavored right there on the side" this was followed with laughs from her, Logan and Jason. I sure love my family. Today I checked, double checked and checked again to make sure they didn't say hot sauce flavored in thier tiny font on the upper left hand corner. The kids were very happy to have pickles minutes after I came in the door. So, all that story to tell you the funny thing that Morgan said to Jason while she was eating her new pickles. "Daddy your cuter than the bumps on my pickle" this came from no where, she just blurted it out. It was followed by giggles.

After supper, I took the kids to Lake MacBride to play at the beach ~ it is so nice, it is not very busy at all, how I prefer it! The kids had a really good time, and I couldn't beat the price - free, it use to cost when I was a kid. They played in the water until 7:15pm and then we headed back to the van. The kids and I love to look for deer. Deer are my little something that reminds me that God loves Me. Deer are truly a beautiful animal. The kids and I found a fawn with spots and its mommy. The kids love to see the deer just as much as I do. I was able to get a decent picture of each deer.

On our way back home, I drove down another road to see a different part of Lake MacBride that I went bank fishing at with my parents when I was younger. When we came back out to the highway, there was a beautiful sunset. I have many pictures where you can see the sun rays coming down from the sky ~ I love these pictures ~ I took this one to add to my collection.

Overall we had a very nice day. I will admit, I didn't get much done around the house, a load of laundry, some toys picked up and the kids bathed. Tomorrow I will have to do better and get more done around here, until then, I don't have the desire to do much more for the evening.


At July 14, 2009 at 4:43 AM , Blogger Robin said...

Your kids are going to have so many good memories of you spending time and doing fun things with them! That's more important than a spotless house. We could all learn from you. (It's too late for me, though!)

At July 14, 2009 at 6:39 AM , Blogger Jason and Jessi said...

Great pictures! Do they have boats at Lake MacBride? My Jason wants to go boating when he comes in August but not really sure where...

At July 14, 2009 at 7:57 AM , Blogger *Me* said...

They do, we want to rent a pontoon sometime and take our kids out. It is a very peaceful lake ~ you would really like it. I don't think their prices are very high either.


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