Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Picnic - CANCELLED!

We were suppose to have a family picnic Tuesday with my aunt and uncle from Illinois and my cousin from Colorado... Well, thanks to the rain ~ we had to change our plans. We met in Davenport at the Machine Shed and had lunch - no pictures - unbelievable, I know! Most of us enjoyed our lunches a few did not care for theirs much, mine was yummy! Anyway after the lunch we took the kids to Michaels Fun World ~ it was nice ~ not as nice as Playstation (Well, not as big) The kids were able to do lots of extra activities there rather than only tunnels. Had it not been raining, there is Mini Golf and Go-Karts, but, had it not been raining we would have been at Maquoketa Caves. Back to Michaels Fun World, the kids were able to play jousting and they loved it. They were also able to bounce, run through an obstacle course and play in the tunnels with balls. My kids really enjoyed everything they were able to do. My cousins that were with us have only boys, Morgan was overjoyed having Isabella to play with. *My niece* My brother Bill, and his family joined us as well, did I mention my grandmother was there with us too? I did however get some pictures from Michaels Fun World. On our way home, we did stop at Whitey's and have ice cream - it was very good indeed! I also snapped some pictures there. It is fun too visit with our cousins that come every year from Colorado and see how their kids have grown. This is a picture from Saturday's Picnic that I didn't post earlier, my 2 brothers families (Ken & Bill), my family, and 2 of my cousins families. Our kids all got along very well!


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