Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday... Picnic with extended family

This past Saturday, the kids and I went to Backbone State Park for a picnic with my brothers and their families, as well as a couple of my cousins and thier families. The kids had tons of fun getting faces paints and glitter stencils painted on them. They each got to pick out what glitter stencils they wanted and Morgan and Logan picked out what face paint they wanted. My cousin, Zoe, from Colorado is a professional - face painter and such. When Zoe and her family was here two summers ago she painted the kids faces and they have never forgotten - imagine that! Anyway, she is awesome and takes the time to let our kids enjoy the facepainting and so forth. My niece, Isabella (5), Morgan and Logan all got facepaint, the rest only did the glitter stencils. Incase you are wondering, Jason had to work.

Most everyone went on a hike, I stayed back with my brothers and Lucy. One just didn't want to go and the other one hurt his knee - me I had to take care of my Lucy! I just love her!

After the picnic we went to the Delaware Co. Fair - the price was great $9.00 per adult, $1.00 per child and the rides were included. The kids had really enjoyed playing with thier cousins, since they don't get to see them too often. Since this was Saturday night, my kids are normally in bed @ 8:30 to get up for church Sunday Morning. I left the Manchester at 9:17pm and got home, had the kids showered and the last one in bed by 10:49pm. I was impressed ~ I had the cruise on coming home on 13, I think I could have easily gone a little faster had I not used the cruise ~ I didn't feel like getting another speeding ticket ~ it has been one whole year since the last one!


At July 21, 2009 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Jason and Jessi said...

That looks like fun! I like Logan's snake! Hehe...

At July 21, 2009 at 5:15 PM , Blogger Ida Hangartner said...

I know you have photoshop, but for the poor, works awesome and its free - I love it!


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