Monday, August 10, 2009


Morgan is my little helper! She loves to do whatever I am doing. Whether it is laundry, cooking or cleaning. Morgan is certainly our most artistic child. She loves all colors and she loves to color, paint, cut, paste, any craft, you name it she loves it! Morgan loves to clean her room and organize her closet so neatly. She has all the dolls / bears in beds or strollers. She usually shuts everyone out, so nobody can mess it up while she is cleaning. Morgan is such a cuddly little girl too. Just a little while ago, I was sitting on the front steps watching them play and praying for Grandma Violet in Postville (she was taken to the hospital today ~ she became sick overnight with flu symptoms) Morgan just came moved my arms and told me she just wanted to sit with me. Morgan is such an awesome big sister to Lucy! (Morgan picked Lucy's name out - you know) Lucy loves her "Mor Mor", when they get up in the morning many times, Morgan lifts her out of her crib and will play with her. When she is done in her high chair, Morgan enjoys getting her down. Morgan always helps get diapers and helps Lucy throw them away. Morgan is a very good little girl and a wonderful sister! We love her to pieces! (She is stubborn though, she wants to grow her bangs out - I am working on patience) Did I mention she loves dirt and she loves her daddy!


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