Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma Violet & Aunt Peggy

The kids and I were able to travel to visit Grandma Violet again this weekend ~ and what a weekend it was! So soon from our last visit ~ yes I know ~ Grandma Violet became very ill on Sunday night (August 9 - the day after we came home) and was ambulanced to the hospital Monday, she had a flu - a viral infection. She was in the hospital for 3 days and came home late Wednesday evening. I had kept in contact with Aunt Peggy during this time, as she had to take time off from work to be with Grandma Violet. There was no one available to stay with Grandma Violet on Thursday and Friday while Peggy had to return to work. I thought about that much of the night, Wednesday evening, and prayed for God to have me to do the right thing. Jason has been working 12 hour days and is gone most of the day ~ I knew that it was the right thing for the kids and I to pack up and help Grandma Violet and Peggy over the next couple days. The kids were overjoyed when I told them we were going to have 2 sleepovers with Aunt Peggy ~ and Grandma Violet was going to be staying at Aunt Peggy's too! I had talked to Peggy early Thursday morning and let her know we were going to come, I just didn't know what time I was going to be able to leave our house. The kids were very motivated and helped me get so much cleaned, many clothes folded and put away so we could go be with Grandma Violet. We were able to make it to Grandma Violet's house and surprise her around 3:30 in the afternoon. She was very excited as well as surprised that we were able to come. She had no clue! I had brought her cucumbers the last visit and she had not been able to pickle them, so I told her I was there to help her rearrange her shelves and pickle some cucumbers for her. I don't know how many pints and .5 pints I had done, but there were plenty - atleast 24 jars if not more! I was able to help her get dishes cleaned, her floor swept, some laundry washed, dryed and folded, and clean a cupboard and put her cookbooks on a shelf she is able to reach! I also was able to help Aunt Peggy and Aunt Julienne move many different beds and boxes. (Did I mention Julienne was out of town and didn't know we were doing this?) I also helped get some yucky old carpet out of Peggy's basement and tear apart an old waterbed frame. I had a really awesome time with Peggy! We had so much fun moving furniture at Julienne's house while she was away on vacation and her not knowing made it even better! We did not start the process of moving furniture and boxes until 10:00pm ~ we left Grandma Violet to babysit! It wasn't really that bad for Grandma, Lucy was sleeping already and the other 3 kids were watching a movie. Grandma called at 11:22pm and asked if she could be done babysitting. - I had told her that she could go to bed and the older three could watch the movie. Logan would turn off the TV when it was over. Logan loves Grandma Violet and loves to spend his time with her, so he talked to her and told her she couldn't go to bed until they were asleep. I told her to tell him goodnight and tuck herself in bed. Morgan and Ethan were close to being sound asleep anyway. So she prayed with them and turned the lights off. We came home, unloaded the van, went back to get the last of a bedframe and the seats to my van and called it good at 12:30am! Although we both needed to shower - Julienne's house was very similiar to a sauna! We ended up staying awake until 4:00am having a talk and giggling like teenagers! Jason's Aunt Peggy is very special to us and we love her very much! Saturday the kids made bread with Peggy and Grandma Violet, something special that only Logan had ever done. Later, Peggy's grandkids came over and were able to play all day with our kids. They had such a great time, they had special slushies that Peggy had made and drove around on the golf cart for such a long time. They bounced on a "trampoline" well, an old queen sized mattress and just played. It is always a very special time when we are able to visit. We have been able to visit frequently over the past month and it has been such a blessing. The kids have gotten to know Grandma Violet and Aunt Peggy better, learn to help others and they have also been able to play on the farm where Jason spent many summers growing up. I am very thankful I have had the opportunity to enjoy visiting Grandma and Peggy ~ they both are very special people to Jason and I. I have really enjoyed being able to help them when they are in a time of need. I am so glad that I am able to stay home with my children and take them for a couple days to the farm. I am also so thankful for Jason, he would love to be able to visit as well, but he has to stay and work, so I have the freedom to be with our kids and take them to visit family. I couldn't have asked to marry into a better family!


At August 17, 2009 at 10:31 AM , Blogger Robin said...

What a blessing! I'm sure you and the kids are such a blessing to your Grandma Violet and Aunt Peggy - they must be so grateful for all the time you spend with them. Sure beats having to work and dropping your kids off at daycare!


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