Friday, August 28, 2009

Quilting with Grandma Violet

Grandma Violet is a very special person. She loves to sew and she loves to pass that along to the kids. Logan, Morgan and Ethan have all been able to sew with grandma. She lets them do things that I have never let them. Grandma lets the kids be in control of the pedal *Scary* fortunately they listen to her well and there have been no accidental stitching on anyone's fingers! All of my kids have a twin size quilt that Grandma Violet has made for them, all but Lucy. Grandma wanted to make her a quilt and was asking if I had the pieces, scraps left over from making coulottes. I did. I gathered them all together and brought them with me, so Grandma could get started on Lucy's quilt. I cut out 7" squares using my handy Rotary Cutter (love it) and Grandma Violet sewed them together.

I layed out the sewn together squares on the floor to see how they should go and Charlie thought he would like to lay on them himself. Between Charlie and Lucy laying all over the pieces on the floor, I was able to get them into somewhat of a pattern. Grandma was able to sew all the pieces together and for some reason I didn't take a picture of the whole front after it was completed!

We decided to make Lucy a pillow too. (they all have pillows from Grandma Violet and I!) This is what Morgan has on her head - the case to Lucy's Pillow. When we go back to Postville again we are hoping to get a back made as well and get the quilt put together. It is going to be adorable! I can't wait to see the finished product and I am sure you can't wait either.

Soon, we will be going back for a visit, before school gets going and get this project done. I love all the quilts that Grandma Violet has made for us and the kids especially love thier own personal quilts from her. They sleep with them every night! Grandma Violet has a big heart and loves to give to others ~ what a lady!


At August 28, 2009 at 5:49 PM , Blogger Robin said...

What great memories!


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