Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baking With Aunt Peggy

This past weekend we spent with Aunt Peggy and Grandma Violet. While Logan and Grandma were rummaging through her upstairs, Morgan and Aunt Peggy were baking! Morgan loves to be in the kitchen helping. Morgan will help me from time to time, although I am first to confess, I don't have much patience and I don't like messes. Peggy on the otherhand is very patient and carefree when the kids are baking with her. First the girls made bread and that went well, all things were done neatly and in order. The cookies however, were put together with many laughs! Peggy was going to let Morgan use the hand beaters not knowing Morgan hasn't had much experience. (she is only 6) At first she was doing good, then, Morgan lifted the beaters up out of the bowl and things started to fly everywhere. Once that was cleaned up and the giggling was tapering off, Peggy was using the beaters while Morgan was going to pour the eggs into the mixture slowly. Things were off to a good start until Morgan started shaking the bowl watching the eggs move and the egg slop, slopped all over Morgan and Peggy. That made the giggles flare! Morgan couldn't help but to giggle, giggle and giggle! Aunt Peggy was giggling along with her ~ they were having a good time. The rest of the cookie making was uneventful and the cookies turned out rather well. For dinner Peggy made Ham Balls and Morgan was more than willing to stick her fingers in the meat mixture and get it all mixed up! Morgan absolutely loves her Aunt Peggy and Peggy certainly loves her! I am very thankful for Peggy, she always is open to letting the kids have a good time! It was cute to watch Morgan, Morgan was Peggy's little shadow while we spent time with her over the past week. Keep checking for more pictures and fun from the farm over the next couple days - we were awfully busy while we were there!


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