Thursday, September 10, 2009

*Home* on the Farm

The kids and I went back to visit Peggy and Grandma Violet again over Labor Day. The kids absolutely love coming to this special place, it is truly an oasis! Jason came for his 3 day weekend to spend with us and help Grandma and Peggy get some things fixed up around the farm. There was so much going on, I really didn't get lots of pictures of all of the things we did, although I got lots of pictures of a few things we did! My first goal / project was to finish Lucy's quilt and we did! I was able to get the squares cut and all sewed together relatively quickly, thanks to the kids being at Grandma's while Lucy was napping at Peggy's and I was able to work on it alone! The kids all can use the sewing machine now, some quick projects take a little longer now. Lucy's quilt is absolutely awesome! It went together very well!
I got pictures of it in the process and none of it completed ~ I am in shock myself, to think I let that happen. After I got the quilt put together, Grandma Violet, Logan and Morgan all worked on getting it tied and it looks great!

I still will have to get a picture of it. (It is currently packed away in my van along with everything else that involves a week away with myself, 4 kids and a dog!) I have a lot to do today! Back to the farm, after the quilt was finished, Jason came up and spent the weekend with us. He worked on the tractor that he recently brought to the farm and spent the evening cleaning gutters and doing some odds and ends around the houses. On Sunday, we went to church and Kent and Katie brought thier family over to spend the day with us.

Jason and Kent bush hogged a ton more paths throughout the land and scraped a place for a big bonfire ~ there were a couple couches, mattresses and some other large items that needed to be taken care of, the guys enjoyed this chore.

Monday, Peggy and I were able to get a lot of things loaded in my van and taken to Goodwill. When we got back to the house we went on a long walk on the farm and this time I brought my camera. There was much to see, including an underground bees nest. Logan and Morgan both had bee stings, Morgan on her arm and Logan on his belly - right by his belly button, they were both screaming! I just took a picture and Jason just smiled! ~ It was quite the scene there for a few moments.

Other than the bees, the walk was nice and it was neat to see so much of the farm that I had never seen before. We got back to the house and just rested on the patio, Peggy and I were totally spent!

It took all we had to walk the front part of the trails, it is mowed down, but the path is still very tall grass, it is certainly not an easy walk through the park! We ate dinner and Jason had to pack up and come back to Cedar Rapids, for work on Tuesday. The kids and I stayed an extra two days, I was able to take Grandma to a couple doctor appointments Tuesday morning and I was able to take Julienne on a few erronds in the afternoon. Thankfully Julienne was able to come home from the Hospital on Saturday and was able to spend Labor Day with us! Tuesday while Ethan and I were with Julienne, Logan, Morgan and Lucy stayed back with Grandma at Peggy's house. Logan was checking out the corn crib and found some *old* bikes, you know the ones I mean, with the banana seats! He dragged it out and pumped up the tires himself and was able to ride it around the farm Tuesday and Wednesday before we left. He was very proud of himself and he had every right to be. There is no way I would ever even go in the corn crib, and I certainly wouldn't dig out an old bike. This worked out well, Logan was able to give Ethan rides on the bike because of the "big seat", & Saturday Peggy had gotten a bike out of a different building for Morgan to ride. The kids really had a time with the bikes! Next time I will have to bring Ethan's bike for him, the ones there are too big for him to reach the pedals. Monday night the kids were in bed and asleep by 8:30 and on Tuesday night they were asleep by 8:00!
This life style certainly wears them out, but they love every minute of it! Did I mention there was a snake in Peggy's house Wednesday while I was rushing to get the kids showered and on our way home? That story and pictures are for my next post!


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