Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where's Waldo, err, Grandma Linda?!!?!!

You have all heard of Where's Waldo right? Well, similiar to that we are wondering where Grandma Linda is. It is such a valid question, we have not seen her for a long time now.
I have searched through my pictures for the past year and they have her at our house ONE (1) time and that was when Grandma Violet and Aunt Peggy were here.

I would love to have recent pictures of Grandma Linda with the kids. I haven't gotten clearance to take them to Rockwell so they can spend some time with thier Grandma whom seems to be MIA! Can Grandma Linda not see how distraught her poor grandchildren look, without seeing her for more than a month now. I hope if any of you out there see her, you let her know her grandchildren miss her dearly! ~Unfortunately I am Sorry there is no cash reward!


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