Monday, September 14, 2009

Bread Making 101

I have this wild hair to try and make bread with the kids today. This is a first for me! I have always left the bread making to Grandma Violet and Aunt Peggy. I sort of helped the last time we made bread with Peggy, but really not too much. My kids were up awfully early this morning - before 7:00am to be exact (I am not so much a morning person) maybe because I told them last night that we were going to make bread. They have helped Peggy make bread a few different times over the past 6 weeks, so, they are nothing short of bread experts - they were full of instructions. Anyway, we managed to get it mixed, and now it is rising, well I hope it rises. I will keep you posted throughout the day with how this experiment is going. Jason was more than pleased that I was going to take on this task! I am praying this all turns out ok... as Morgan has already told me Aunt Peggy makes better eggs than me, I have to try to redeem myself and make bread atleast as good, if not better than Peggy! Hahahahahaha!


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