Monday, September 14, 2009

Bread Making 101, Part 3

Okay, I have let it rise for the 2nd time! I did leave, and run to Wal*Mart - I seem to visit there frequently! I came home to find that my dough had risen nicely, so I thought. Morgan was sure to tell me, "Oh Mama, Aunt Peggy's bread doesn't get that big! It looks like a huge muffin!"
I just laugh at her, knowing that it is probably ok. So, now onto putting Crisco in the bread pans, Morgan opts out of this, she doesn't want to get that yuck on her hands. I am putting Crisco in the pans, and I ask if Aunt Peggy puts flour in the pans too - I didn't pay attention too well. Morgan says, "No Mama, she only puts the crystal on it." I say, "Crisco on them?" and she says, "Yes, whatever it is called, but you could put flour in there too if you want" So then she is so kind to say, "Aunt Peggy's bread is always good, I hope yours will be too." I just love my kids. Someday I may be able to be as good as Peggy, but for now I just have to keep trying. (I love you, Peggy! )Jason was in the kitchen with us for awhile and took a picture of us. He was proud of me, for being so ambitious and trying something new. He even told me that it smells like his grandma's bread. Then he continued on to tell me that maybe I could learn to make some other things that his grandma makes. For now, its only bread. The loaves that I have made look really small, however they are in thier pans rising. We may have bread by the end of the day - I can't promise Jason that he will have any prior to going to work in two hours. But we will have bread sometime today. For now, I have school to do !


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