Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hospital Visit

Tonight I was able to visit Julienne in the Surgery - ICU from 9:00 - 10:30pm. She was sleeping, although when I opened the door her eyes popped open and she said, "Ida, Hi!" Those words were so little but they meant so much! Julienne was talking much more and she remembered that Linda and Peggy had come to visit her earlier today as well as her Dr. ! She is still getting Morphine for pain and has only been moved to sitting in a chair yesterday and today. Tomorrow morning they are going to be pushing to get her up and on her feet. To get her up and moving is so important to allow the lungs to function better. Her numbers are excellent, her blood pressure is up to normal without any medications, they were consistently around 110/59! Her blood pressure before surgery would often be 80/40. They took the bandage off her scar today and it looks really good. The nurse asked how her pain was, and she said she didn't want any pain to come! She is relatively comfortable and doing well. Your prayers are appreciated, and they have been working! Please pray that Julienne will have strength to get up and walk in the morning and that she will soon be moved out of the Surgery ICU. The next time I go, tomorrow, I am going to take my camera and get a picture or two to post! God is so good and He certainly has had his hand in all aspects of Julienne's surgery! Thank you God, for taking care of our Aunt Julienne - all the praise goes to You!


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