Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Keep On A Going!

Well, it has been a couple days since I have visited my blog, but here I am again! In that time, I have visited Julienne again and done a few more days of school! The kids are very good with getting thier school work done! I have been blessed with diligent little people! They know that when thier work is done, they can play! I must say I am a toughy, not only does it have to be done, but I emphasize that it needs to be done decently and in order, just as the Bible says in I Corinthians 14:40, "Let all things be done decently and in order." They must follow the directions and thier work must be to the best of thier ability. Morgan has really taken a liking to cursive writing and Math.

Logan really enjoys Math and Science! He loves to learn what things God has done for us, we are currently learning about the five senses in detail. Being thier teacher is very rewarding, I love to think that God has given me the opportunity to stay home with my kids and teach them! However, the kids also take a couple enrichment classes through our home school assistance program, and they both love it! Logan is taking an art class and studying Australia - he brought home a clay Cookabera Bird he made the past couple weeks. In science he has made a full skeleton out of paper, with the insides included! Morgan has been learning about Tomie De Paola and has enjoyed hearing his stories and seeing his pictures. She has also gotten to make a few different things, last week they made pancakes and did some natural color dying on paper and this week they got to see a video about Tomie De Paola and see his studio where he creates his pictures and his stories! In the video today, it showed Popeyes, a favorite of Tomie's, we had lasagna for lunch and they all wanted thier own Popeye for desert! Morgan asked her teacher if you can make them with homemade bread because it's all we have. - I just love her!
As for Julienne, it seems her discharge date will be tomorrow already and she will be coming to have a stay with us while she continues healing. The kids are all very excited, Morgan especially, she is happy to give up her bed for Julienne, she asked me today if I was going to go to the hospital and bring Julienne home. I told her not today, but tomorrow, the doctor's are going to let her come home. Please continue to pray for her healing, there is quite a bit of pain from time to time and discomfort, as well as loss of strength. Thank you all for your prayers during her surgery and recovery, they mean so much to her as well as to us. It will be fun to blog while she will be here with us during this time of healing for her! I am thankful that I have the flexibilty to help in many ways - God is so Good!


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