Monday, October 12, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

I have been preoccupied the last couple weeks and have had company to visit Julienne. On Thursday night Peggy and Grandma Violet came and surprised Julienne, she thought they were coming Friday not Thursday. It not only surprised her, but it also surprised the kids ~ it went really well! The time seemed to go so fast that they were here. We, well, I was very busy ~ it seemed like there was always a meal to prepare and somewhere to go and laundry needing changed and folded. I am very thankful that they came, it was nice to have help from Peggy - she helped me get a few things done that I hadn't been able to do for a few months with all of our traveling. Peggy was also very willing to help clean and cook - we really had a great time. On Saturday, before Grandma and Peggy left they made Fried Green Tomatoes for Julienne. (Jason was able to get some picked before the frost) Peggy, Julienne and Linda grew up eating Fried Green Tomatoes, me ~ well, not so much. I must say I did try 3 small bites and gave the rest to Peggy.
They tasted like fried flour ~ I opted for biscuits and gravy right along with Morgan. Grandma Violet, Linda, Peggy and Julienne really enjoyed their meal - a small blast from the past.
Julienne really enjoyed visiting with Grandma and Peggy - she hadn't seen Grandma Violet since the Monday before surgery. It was nice for both of them to spend some time together ~ I am glad that everything worked out for them to have a brief stay with us over the weekend.


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