Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Time Flies!

I can't believe how fast time is going, since September it has really gone quickly! I have found it was much easier to get more pictures and updates on my blog when I wasn't doing school and it was nice and dry outside. Our family spent a few days in Postville this past weekend to visit Grandma Violet and Peggy. Thursday was a rainy day, during the day we had good visits and just enjoyed spending time together. Thursday evening while it was still drizzling and cold, Jason was walking with Grandma Violet outside, when she lost her balance and fell! Peggy and Jason took Grandma to a hospital in Waukon and they found that she broke her shoulder. They imbolized it and sent her home with some painkillers.
Grandma Violet didn't seem too bothered by her injury, she did rather well. The hospital thought she would be in severe pain, she wasn't - God is Good! She spent the rest of the weekend at Peggy's house with us and is now staying in the nursing home for a short time, as it was her right arm she broke. She will be staying there until she is able to have mobility in her arm and able to move around with more balance (using her walker). Time will tell, she has an appointment on Tuesday with a bone dr., please pray that all will be healing well, and she will be able to leave the home soon. So far, there is no flu at the home, pray that the flu does not reach there. Logan needed his pocket fixed some and since Grandma Violet had a bum arm, Grandma Linda was going to sew it and fix it.

Peggy and I had our own little hospital going on there, making sure everyone was getting the right Medicines at the correct time. It was very busy!


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