Thursday, December 31, 2009


Morgan loves to skate, Logan likes to skate, and Ethan is learning to skate. The kids all enjoy skating and I love to watch! Yesterday, I was able to take Morgan and Ethan to the Ice Arena for a lesson and skating practice. Morgan was very good at helping Ethan, she told him not to be scared, she would hold his hand and help him up if he fell. She was a great big sister and a wonderful coach for him. The skating lesson went well, Ethan did very well, much better than the first 3 football practices he had in the spring when he cried all the way through them. He took right off with Morgan and was trying everything the Coach told him to do and what he was watching Morgan do. They had a really great time and he can't wait to go back and skate again! The Ice Arena has an awesome opportunity for homeschooled families!!! - A clip from Ethan & Morgan's lesson!


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