Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer Season!!!

My Soccer Players!!

Today was filled with soccer, from early this morning until almost noon. We started at 8:00am with Logan's first game! He did awesome, he is so fast! He made two great assists that ended with a boot to the goal. I didn't realize how large his field was, next time, I will have to bring the zoom lens!Next was Morgan's pictures/game. Pictures at 9:12 and game at 10:00. She did a great job. She loves to play soccer!! She is a great team player and passes well. She isn't afraid to go after the ball. Spent!! Totally Spent! She ran so hard! As a matter of fact, so hard that after we got home, of course, after going out to eat, she was so sick!! Poor Morgan!
Lucy, our tag a long! She did a great job, she was such a trooper. She willingly (thought it was fun) to use the potty chair I brought along in the car. To walk anywhere at Tuma, is a trek, especially with a two year old who has to go potty, now! Here she is heading to Ethan's game. Of course, with the necessities!! Water and Chocolate Donuts!!
Ethan's pictures were at 10:12 and his game started at 11:00. We made everything on time and the schedule worked perfect. Everybody did such a great job, getting ready and being patient for thier turn for morning activities.
Ethan did great too! Since he was a tiny boy, 1 yr old he loved to kick the soccer ball. We would go to the Logan and Morgan's games and he would kick, and kick, and kick the ball into an open goal. He will spend hours in the driveway, kicking the ball against our brick foundation. He loves to play soccer in the backyard, with anyone who will play with him. He did a great job, in his first soccer game!! He made a few goals and also stopped the other team from making a few. It was so much fun to sit and watch him do something that he loves!!
Headed back to the van, Miss Lucy kicked a soccer ball all the way there. I was very pleased at how well she stayed and watched thier games. This was only the first week, here is hoping the rest of the season she does just as good!! I love her curls, blowing in the wind!!
Headed to the van, after a morning full of fun and sweat!!


At September 14, 2010 at 5:49 AM , Blogger Robin said...

Sounds like fun! Great pictures (of course, as usual!)


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