Monday, June 7, 2010

Flower Girl

Morgan was asked to be the flower girl in a friends wedding. The wedding was Friday night, June 4, 2010! Jason & Jessica Felt had a beautiful wedding, it was a perfect wedding for a fine couple. Jessica and I went out shopping for a dress back in April and after our 3rd store we found the perfect dress! Morgan absolutely loved dressing up and feeling like a princess for an evening. She had her hair done and had an amazing little dress to wear that matched the bride's dress almost exact!! A friend, Julie, added some pretty beading to her jacket to match Jessica's jacket as well. Morgan loved all of the pretty beads on her jacket and on her dress. She was so tickled to have bobby pins in her hair, and nylons on ~ just like adults ~ with her fancy white shoes we found around noon, the day of the wedding. Did I mention the pretty white shoes had a nice heal, that Morgan just thought very highly about. She has never had shoes with a high heal before! Morgan was so kind and helpful to the ring bearer, Tyler. She really liked helping him, know where to go and how to sit for a few pictures. She even told me that Tyler, did a great job, and walked just like he was suppose to down the aisle. Morgan was so thrilled to be in a wedding, it made her feel like a princess for an evening. Thank you Jessica and Jason for asking her to have a part in your wedding, she loved every moment!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This year for Memorial Day, we made special plans to make the weekend fun for the kids, and us too. Memorial Day has always been one of my Grandma Mary's favorite times, I can't remember having a Memorial Day without a family picnic. There was no picnic this year at Maquoketa Caves, God let the caves close recently because of a Bat Virus, so I didn't feel bad about not taking the kids there this Memorial Day. We spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with Jason's Grandma and Aunt. We had a really wonderful time. Saturday evening we spent with the family and let the kids play. Sunday morning we went to church in Prairie Du Chein, Wi. It is always a blessing to go to a church that believes in the truths of the Bible and Salvation. The kids all enjoyed thier Sunday School Lessons and Jr. Church, they have still been talking about them today. Jason, Peggy and I went to Sunday School and had a lesson on "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God." It was a real eye opener on priorities and putting Jesus first all the time. During church thier Women's Ensemble did an excellent job of the song "We Are Blessed" and a Veteran gave a message about Memorial Day. Soldiers of many generations have given thier lives, so we could have freedoms in America. We never should forget them, but we too, should never forget that Jesus too, gave His life so we can have Eternal Freedom from Hell. The Pastor ended with a message and then we drove around the Mississippi and the Villa Louis.

There are so many sights to be seen in Northeast Iowa, with as much as I have been there, I haven't seen very many other than Pikes Peak and the Mississippi. We are going to take some trips to the farm and plan other excursions to see the many of the sights that I am looking foward too!! Sunday afternoon Peggy, Jason and I took the kids to a small Memorial Park in Clermont, where there is a Statue of Abraham Lincoln and flags placed throughout. I was able to capture memories of the kids with my faithful camera. We came home late Sunday Night and went on a picnic with some friends in Anamosa on Monday. The weekend truly went too fast!