Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun on the Farm

So, I have been a little bit busy and consumed by much! This is the last blog about our week at the farm. The kids and I went up on Wed. Night stayed for one week and returned to attend our church the following Wednesday night. Jason came to meet us on Saturday, he was able to stay through Sunday night - this was a surprise to Grandma Violet and the kids. We always have a great time while we are there it just seems to go by too quickly. While Jason was there on Saturday he surprised Grandma and Peggy with his new toy, a large tractor for cutting through the weeds and a tool that can be used for other things around thier property as well. He found a very nice tractor, relatively close to his Grandma's farm and was fortunate enough to have a friend that was willing to drive from Cedar Rapids and help him deliver the tractor to Grandma's. Saturday and Sunday afternoon, he spent time with the family as well as cutting through the very tall weeds to make a path to the end of Grandma's acreage. Peggy and I walked on this trail and unfortunately I wasn't thinking to take my camera. There is very beautiful land and views from the back 40 that haven't been seen for sometime. The land is gorgeous! Peggy and I had a really good time walking through the trail that Jason had made with all 4 dogs, Tanner included! It was a nice evening and perfect for a walk. The only thing I would have done differently was take my camera along. Peggy joined us for church Sunday Morning at Bible Baptist Church in Prairie DuChien. It was very refreshing to have a church 30 minutes away to take our kids too that believed the same as us! Grandma Violet had to take a picture of everyone dressed up, so she snapped a shot with my camera too.
This was a special visit for all, to have Jason join us. We had a wonderful time and Jason was in his glory driving the tractor through areas where he has fond memories of farming and spending summers with his grandma & grandpa many years ago.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Quilting with Grandma Violet

Grandma Violet is a very special person. She loves to sew and she loves to pass that along to the kids. Logan, Morgan and Ethan have all been able to sew with grandma. She lets them do things that I have never let them. Grandma lets the kids be in control of the pedal *Scary* fortunately they listen to her well and there have been no accidental stitching on anyone's fingers! All of my kids have a twin size quilt that Grandma Violet has made for them, all but Lucy. Grandma wanted to make her a quilt and was asking if I had the pieces, scraps left over from making coulottes. I did. I gathered them all together and brought them with me, so Grandma could get started on Lucy's quilt. I cut out 7" squares using my handy Rotary Cutter (love it) and Grandma Violet sewed them together.

I layed out the sewn together squares on the floor to see how they should go and Charlie thought he would like to lay on them himself. Between Charlie and Lucy laying all over the pieces on the floor, I was able to get them into somewhat of a pattern. Grandma was able to sew all the pieces together and for some reason I didn't take a picture of the whole front after it was completed!

We decided to make Lucy a pillow too. (they all have pillows from Grandma Violet and I!) This is what Morgan has on her head - the case to Lucy's Pillow. When we go back to Postville again we are hoping to get a back made as well and get the quilt put together. It is going to be adorable! I can't wait to see the finished product and I am sure you can't wait either.

Soon, we will be going back for a visit, before school gets going and get this project done. I love all the quilts that Grandma Violet has made for us and the kids especially love thier own personal quilts from her. They sleep with them every night! Grandma Violet has a big heart and loves to give to others ~ what a lady!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baking With Aunt Peggy

This past weekend we spent with Aunt Peggy and Grandma Violet. While Logan and Grandma were rummaging through her upstairs, Morgan and Aunt Peggy were baking! Morgan loves to be in the kitchen helping. Morgan will help me from time to time, although I am first to confess, I don't have much patience and I don't like messes. Peggy on the otherhand is very patient and carefree when the kids are baking with her. First the girls made bread and that went well, all things were done neatly and in order. The cookies however, were put together with many laughs! Peggy was going to let Morgan use the hand beaters not knowing Morgan hasn't had much experience. (she is only 6) At first she was doing good, then, Morgan lifted the beaters up out of the bowl and things started to fly everywhere. Once that was cleaned up and the giggling was tapering off, Peggy was using the beaters while Morgan was going to pour the eggs into the mixture slowly. Things were off to a good start until Morgan started shaking the bowl watching the eggs move and the egg slop, slopped all over Morgan and Peggy. That made the giggles flare! Morgan couldn't help but to giggle, giggle and giggle! Aunt Peggy was giggling along with her ~ they were having a good time. The rest of the cookie making was uneventful and the cookies turned out rather well. For dinner Peggy made Ham Balls and Morgan was more than willing to stick her fingers in the meat mixture and get it all mixed up! Morgan absolutely loves her Aunt Peggy and Peggy certainly loves her! I am very thankful for Peggy, she always is open to letting the kids have a good time! It was cute to watch Morgan, Morgan was Peggy's little shadow while we spent time with her over the past week. Keep checking for more pictures and fun from the farm over the next couple days - we were awfully busy while we were there!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bLog WoRtHy ~~ Of CoUrSE!

Everyday is blog worthy, it's just a matter if you get it done or not! Today, already its only 1:30pm I have accomplished a ton! I have 4 out of 5 people bathed, breakfast and lunch finished, dishes in the dishwasher (with help), floors/stairs vacuumed (with help) Lucy to the doctor, a stop at Menards and a baby who needs another nap! First, the dishes. Morgan was helping me load the dishwasher, while Jason was leaving for work. Jason left and I thought it was wonderful Morgan was doing dishes and Logan was vacuuming the steps. I had Lucy down for a nap and Ethan was coloring. I took a quick shower ~ thinking all would be well. I had to get ready to take Lucy to the doctor. When I came to the kitchen I noticed Morgan hadn't gotten much more completed on the dishwasher, and I asked her about it. Then I noticed some blue! Blue I thought ~ she didn't ~ she did! She put dawn all over my dishes in the dishwasher! On every cup there was a dollup of dawn, and all over the door of the dishwasher was pretty dawn up and down in pretty stripes! I was not the happiest I have ever been ~ but I calmly told her why we couldn't put dawn in the dishwasher. She was so somber ~ I got it all cleaned up and she finished loading the dishes. On to Lucy! The little tyke has a pokey out belly button from time to time and the last couple days it has been a little swollen and poking out. I didn't like the looks of it and she kept whining and pulling on it, saying owie. I made an appointment for her today and she has a hernia in her belly button, unfortunately unless it is always causing her problems, rather than time to time, they wait until the child is closer to the age 3. Fortunately, by then lots of the hernia's fix themselves in small kids. I am praying that it would go away, as it causes her pain from time to time. I hated having tubes in Ethan's ears when he was 11 months and I can't bear to have my little Lucy to have a surgery to fix her bellybutton. I know that there are plenty of people that have to watch their babies/children go through multiple procedures. I would much rather it just go away than have my Lucy have a surgery to fix it. With prayer all things are possible! Have a great day and keep checking back to get a peek into the life at the hangartnerhouse!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Did It!

I did it! I used a pressure cooker for the first time and didn't damage anything! So proud of myself! I was going to wait, Jason's grandma had suggested many times that I save them and bring them to her house and we could can them together. However, when I woke up this morning ~ after a full nights sleep! ~ I felt like I wanted to figure this all out and just do it! So that I did! I did have to call my friend, who loaned me the pressure cooker to ask one question and she had my answer. Jason was on his way out the door, when I asked him what it meant to "exhaust the air" he started explaining it to me, and then I said, how does that happen if I put the bands on the jars, at the same time, I seen in the instructions "put the bands on loosely". Thank God Jason was still here and I asked him that one question. I was able to open the cooker, Jason loosened the lids (I had them on pretty tight) and I got them all put back in there and no jars exploded! I am feeling very accomplished! Now I have this urge to go to my garden and clean it up and see if there are more beans to pick - this is so much fun! Do the kids really need lunch?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beans, Beans....

Beans, Beans, go away and come again another day, Logan and Morgan just wanna play!
That is a good theme for today. My neglected garden has so many beans... Big ones, Medium ones, Small ones, and blooms. The kids and I started picking beans yesterday and finished up today. The kids have spent quite a bit of time in the garden helping me get them all. Logan went down the middle of the 2 rows (grown together rows) and Morgan picked on the outside of the rows. I don't know how many beans we picked but, I have atleast 7 pounds! I didn't even plant the whole packet of beans this year. Next year, I am going to change some things ~ that's whats great about my garden, every year you learn something new to try from this years growth, and growth, and growth! I am going to weed down my plants when they have begun to grow - so I have 1 plant every 6 inches rather than 3 every six inches! Jason is going to make me a taller archway type fence for the beans to grow on, the weight of the beans has totally knocked the fence over half way! Back to the beans today, the kids helped pick the beans, snap the beans, cut the beans and cleanup the snaps off the floor and the table ~ they had a blast helping. They went to pick beans 3 different times today. I would give them breaks between the times we were at the garden. I felt so good when Logan came in the first time and the last time. The first time he came in, his bag was full to the top, and he was very proud of it! He said that he was getting tired, but he just kept going and going to get the job done! The last time he came in, he said that when he gets older and has his own garden he is going to plant so much corn and a few other things too. Morgan chimed in and said she is going to plant corn, zucchini, beans, peas and lots of other things in her garden when she has her own house and yard. I am so thankful for thier willingness to help and that they are so proud of watching the garden grow. They know that it is God who has taken care of our garden and has given us our plentiful produce! I am so happy we are learning together how to plant, take care of and can/freeze the food that God has provided in our own backyard!

The Toad

This last week while we were at the farm, the kids found a toad and Logan captured it using two old containers. The kids all thought this was awesome! I didn't think it was so awesome when they came into Aunt Peggy's house with the giant creature. I had to remind them that it's best if they don't bring the animals and such that they catch into the house. They should just send someone in to share the news. The toad was rather large, compared to the couple we have found around our house. I was able to get a couple pictures of thier captive little giant creature!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma Violet & Aunt Peggy

The kids and I were able to travel to visit Grandma Violet again this weekend ~ and what a weekend it was! So soon from our last visit ~ yes I know ~ Grandma Violet became very ill on Sunday night (August 9 - the day after we came home) and was ambulanced to the hospital Monday, she had a flu - a viral infection. She was in the hospital for 3 days and came home late Wednesday evening. I had kept in contact with Aunt Peggy during this time, as she had to take time off from work to be with Grandma Violet. There was no one available to stay with Grandma Violet on Thursday and Friday while Peggy had to return to work. I thought about that much of the night, Wednesday evening, and prayed for God to have me to do the right thing. Jason has been working 12 hour days and is gone most of the day ~ I knew that it was the right thing for the kids and I to pack up and help Grandma Violet and Peggy over the next couple days. The kids were overjoyed when I told them we were going to have 2 sleepovers with Aunt Peggy ~ and Grandma Violet was going to be staying at Aunt Peggy's too! I had talked to Peggy early Thursday morning and let her know we were going to come, I just didn't know what time I was going to be able to leave our house. The kids were very motivated and helped me get so much cleaned, many clothes folded and put away so we could go be with Grandma Violet. We were able to make it to Grandma Violet's house and surprise her around 3:30 in the afternoon. She was very excited as well as surprised that we were able to come. She had no clue! I had brought her cucumbers the last visit and she had not been able to pickle them, so I told her I was there to help her rearrange her shelves and pickle some cucumbers for her. I don't know how many pints and .5 pints I had done, but there were plenty - atleast 24 jars if not more! I was able to help her get dishes cleaned, her floor swept, some laundry washed, dryed and folded, and clean a cupboard and put her cookbooks on a shelf she is able to reach! I also was able to help Aunt Peggy and Aunt Julienne move many different beds and boxes. (Did I mention Julienne was out of town and didn't know we were doing this?) I also helped get some yucky old carpet out of Peggy's basement and tear apart an old waterbed frame. I had a really awesome time with Peggy! We had so much fun moving furniture at Julienne's house while she was away on vacation and her not knowing made it even better! We did not start the process of moving furniture and boxes until 10:00pm ~ we left Grandma Violet to babysit! It wasn't really that bad for Grandma, Lucy was sleeping already and the other 3 kids were watching a movie. Grandma called at 11:22pm and asked if she could be done babysitting. - I had told her that she could go to bed and the older three could watch the movie. Logan would turn off the TV when it was over. Logan loves Grandma Violet and loves to spend his time with her, so he talked to her and told her she couldn't go to bed until they were asleep. I told her to tell him goodnight and tuck herself in bed. Morgan and Ethan were close to being sound asleep anyway. So she prayed with them and turned the lights off. We came home, unloaded the van, went back to get the last of a bedframe and the seats to my van and called it good at 12:30am! Although we both needed to shower - Julienne's house was very similiar to a sauna! We ended up staying awake until 4:00am having a talk and giggling like teenagers! Jason's Aunt Peggy is very special to us and we love her very much! Saturday the kids made bread with Peggy and Grandma Violet, something special that only Logan had ever done. Later, Peggy's grandkids came over and were able to play all day with our kids. They had such a great time, they had special slushies that Peggy had made and drove around on the golf cart for such a long time. They bounced on a "trampoline" well, an old queen sized mattress and just played. It is always a very special time when we are able to visit. We have been able to visit frequently over the past month and it has been such a blessing. The kids have gotten to know Grandma Violet and Aunt Peggy better, learn to help others and they have also been able to play on the farm where Jason spent many summers growing up. I am very thankful I have had the opportunity to enjoy visiting Grandma and Peggy ~ they both are very special people to Jason and I. I have really enjoyed being able to help them when they are in a time of need. I am so glad that I am able to stay home with my children and take them for a couple days to the farm. I am also so thankful for Jason, he would love to be able to visit as well, but he has to stay and work, so I have the freedom to be with our kids and take them to visit family. I couldn't have asked to marry into a better family!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't know for sure how or why I started blogging each child seperately. They are each one so unique and so wonderful, I am glad that I have done this. It is easy to miss the good in each one when my life is busy every day. Logan, where do I begin? He is 8 1.2 years old, I can't believe it, and he is the best son parents could ask for! Logan is usually very kind and loving to all his siblings, as everyone, he has had his moments. Most always ~ he is very kind and loving! Logan is very emotional which too, has its plus's and minus's, he is very caring and concerned when someone is upset or hurt. Whether it be someone he knows, a stranger or an animal. He thinks to pray for someone right away when he hears they have become sick, hurt or a need. He loves to help, he is a very hard worker. He chops wood, and stacks it right along with Jason and I, he loves to help mow, garden, rake, he loves to serve! He is always willing to give away something of his own if it will make someone happy, he loves to please. Logan is also very thankful, he most always is appreciative without prodding. Logan is a growing into a very hard working, thoughtful and thankful, loving person. Logan has has a love for God and a love for doing right, he always tries his best to do what is asked of him. He is turning into such a handsome boy! I can't imagine my life without him, or his brother and sisters ~ they are truly a blessing.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Morgan is my little helper! She loves to do whatever I am doing. Whether it is laundry, cooking or cleaning. Morgan is certainly our most artistic child. She loves all colors and she loves to color, paint, cut, paste, any craft, you name it she loves it! Morgan loves to clean her room and organize her closet so neatly. She has all the dolls / bears in beds or strollers. She usually shuts everyone out, so nobody can mess it up while she is cleaning. Morgan is such a cuddly little girl too. Just a little while ago, I was sitting on the front steps watching them play and praying for Grandma Violet in Postville (she was taken to the hospital today ~ she became sick overnight with flu symptoms) Morgan just came moved my arms and told me she just wanted to sit with me. Morgan is such an awesome big sister to Lucy! (Morgan picked Lucy's name out - you know) Lucy loves her "Mor Mor", when they get up in the morning many times, Morgan lifts her out of her crib and will play with her. When she is done in her high chair, Morgan enjoys getting her down. Morgan always helps get diapers and helps Lucy throw them away. Morgan is a very good little girl and a wonderful sister! We love her to pieces! (She is stubborn though, she wants to grow her bangs out - I am working on patience) Did I mention she loves dirt and she loves her daddy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ethan: "Momma, God can never break, right?
Momma: "No Ethan, God can never break."
Ethan: "He's just a shadow"
Momma: "Well, I don't think we would call Him a shadow, God just doesn't break."
Ethan: "Because He is everywhere?"
Momma: "That's right!"

My Ethan! He is a thinker and comes up with the most brilliant ideas. He is very boisterous, and at the same time very shy of loud noises. Ethan loves his family and friends, he is very huggable and cuddly. He loves to just sit on my lap and read books, watch a little tv, and he always wants to be on someone's lap when we pray before bed. He is a delightful little guy, who can also be very mischevious. God has given us a special gift in Ethan! Did I mention he has beautiful blue eyes to boot!?!


Well, where do you begin with a girl like her! She is one of a kind. She has a personality like no other sibling and she certainly is very trying! A couple days ago, ummm , Monday to be exact she climbed up, got a hold of my good camera and dropped it on ceramic tile. Fortunately she only broke the mountings on the Nikkor Lens. The lens is 6 yrs old, I am waiting for an estimate and the word if it is fixable from the camera shop. In the meantime myself and Jason have been continually checking online, ebay and sorts, to get the best deal on a new lens, possibly a new camera. I knew kids were expensive, but some far exceed others! I just love my innocent little girl!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Long Ride!

Today was a day my kids have waited for, for a very long time. After talking with a friend over the weekend, I felt led to dig my bike out of the corner of the garage. Jason has been organizing the garage, so I only had to sit on a tractor tire, lift the bike over a tractor lawnmower bagger, and two push mowers - not as hard as it would have been in recent weeks. So, I dug out my bike, that my dad bought for me when I was a teenager and the same one I haven't ridden since the summer of 2001. I had gotten a bucket of water to clean off the bike and the kids wanted to clean it! They automatically think that if they clean it, I will ride with them! Kind of like if you build it, they will come.... anyway! They did an awesome job, I should have taken a before and after shot. It was incredible how much dust and yuck was on there!

When they were done I said I was going to try it out to see if I could still ride a bike. Logan was so excited, (thinking bike ride) he asked if I had coulottes... I said I did, and he was even more excited... (thinking... we get to go!) I rode around in the front yard and in my neighbors driveway, now Logan is even more excited, for sure we get to go, mom can ride a bike! Pretty impressive isn't it. Logan took some pictures for me, but WoW ~ I am not as little as I use to be on a bike! So I haven't decided if I am going to post the pictures, they turned out nice, but I am vain! ok here it is...

After helping a friend for a couple hours this afternoon, I took the kids on a bike ride down the street, around the corner, and down that street ~ WELL ~ what goes down must come up! I was s proud of myself, I made it down both hills, 3/4 the way up the 1st hill and all the way up the second hill. For those of you who know my driveway, I skipped that and came up my neighbors drive, its at 1 degree angle compared to our 45 degree angled drive! I came to a stop in our driveway, got Lucy out of her seat and collapsed on the front steps. I haven't felt my heart beat so hard and fast for a very long time. It took me quite a few minutes before I could walk down and check on my garden ~ did I mention my beans have been attacked by Japenese Beetles! Well, the bike ride was a success! I need to find a way that I can take all of our bikes to the trail for a bike ride. Considering my neighborhood is a hill in every direction leaving my house, that's just not good for Ethan and Me. My poor litte Ethan had lots of walking and pushing his bike uphill to do!
Did I mention Lucy got a hold of my camera and broke my very best lens... 8-( ... In the next day or two I need to take it to the camera shop and see if it is repairable. A new lens is upwards of $250.00! There is no broken glass ~ it just isn't focusing the right way and its a bit noisey! Anyway, I am praying that it is fixable and won't cost too much!