Thursday, December 31, 2009


Morgan loves to skate, Logan likes to skate, and Ethan is learning to skate. The kids all enjoy skating and I love to watch! Yesterday, I was able to take Morgan and Ethan to the Ice Arena for a lesson and skating practice. Morgan was very good at helping Ethan, she told him not to be scared, she would hold his hand and help him up if he fell. She was a great big sister and a wonderful coach for him. The skating lesson went well, Ethan did very well, much better than the first 3 football practices he had in the spring when he cried all the way through them. He took right off with Morgan and was trying everything the Coach told him to do and what he was watching Morgan do. They had a really great time and he can't wait to go back and skate again! The Ice Arena has an awesome opportunity for homeschooled families!!! - A clip from Ethan & Morgan's lesson!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas a few days late ~ but I am getting in before the New Year! I wasn't able to get a post on right away for Christmas, I am ready now. I have my pictures uploaded on the computer and have a quiet time to get it done. Since it is now 12:18am and the kids are sound asleep. We had a very nice Christmas this year, everything went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We are sure to remind the kids, that the reason for Christmas is because Jesus came, just so He could die on the cross 33 years later for our sins! That is the greatest gift they will be able to ever receive is Jesus as their personal saviour. It is just a bonus that they are able to get gifts for Jesus' Birthday!

I hope that all of our friends and family had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones as we did with ours!

She Will Always Be My Baby!

Lucy turned two on Tuesday, the 29th! It seems like she has been with us forever, although this is just her 2nd Christmas with us. She has grown into such a little person.

She has a personality that we love and a spirit we don't want her to lose. She is so loving, so kind, so mischievious, so mean, so tender, so cuddly, so bossy, so obedient ~ she is our little girl! She has been making a lot of milestones in the past few days, in speech as well as in just growing up. She has a big girl bed and stays in it! Lucy is also ready and wants to get rid of diapers! (ahhhh... a raise in grocery money coming my way! - I have bought diapers for the past 9 years and 1 month, very regularly and for three of those years I was buying diapers for 2)

Lucy loves her siblings a ton, she loves to be with them and when they aren't with us, she is asking about them constantly. Just in October she was calling Logan, Lo-Lo, Morgan was Mor Mor and Ethan was Jay Jay, since November she can say all of thier names perfect! Her speech is very clear and getting bigger everyday!
Everyone notices she is much more spoiled than the rest of the kids, I cave into her often for many different things - I hope I don't regret this as she gets older. She loves to clean up and she absolutely hates messes! Heaven forbid she dribbles milk on the table or gets a little sauce on her hand. Its ok, when she eats chocolate to wait until she is done, but if it is something else, she insists on a cloth to clean it up right away.
*Only Lucy is allowed to eat with her feet on the table (only on her birthday though).
She is surely in love with her Daddy and he is certainly wrapped around her little finger! While Daddy is home with her, she doesn't want him out of her sight, unless of course, she wants to get into something that she shouldn't, like toilet paper and lady products. The bathroom is her favorite playroom over the past couple weeks! The kids don't always get the door latched when they are done and Lucy slips in and makes herself at home, very quietly. She is our little Lucy and we love her to pieces!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Program ~ Videos

I have a couple videos from the kid's Christmas Program at church last night! Logan had a small solo - he did awesome! Morgan and Logan both sang in the children's choir and Ethan sang in the Preschool Choir.

Ethan is the cow standing in the middle of the front row with an awfully big smile. The kids had a great time and they all did a wonderful job!
Logan's Solo
Ethan's Preschool Choir

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go Ethan Go!

The title says it all!

GO Ethan GO!

What a boy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving Rooms

Well ~ what do you get when you have a playroom and a boys bedroom on a floor that no one ever goes unless they are under 5 ft tall! A Mess!

Our upstairs, gets a major cleaning twice a year. Once in the fall when it starts to get cold, so we can move the boys to the front room which is much warmer in the winter. And once in late spring to move them to the back room that we put a window air conditioner in, otherwise it gets rather steamy up there. It is time to swap thier room with the playroom.

Unfortunately we have to dismantle their beds every time to get them through the door ~ and set them back up again. Ethan was very upset that we took thier bunk beds down, they don't work well in the front room, with the slanted ceilings and the staircase.

During this time I also help the kids clean, usually they do it on their own. This is the time I always clean with a garbage bag in one hand and a Goodwill bag in the other. The kids were happy to have me only get one bag out of thier playroom this time ~ I only sent the air hockey table to Goodwill! Boy ~ what a big space that freed up! The kids haven't hardly played with the thing in the last 3 years and Ethan bawled when we took it out, saying he wanted to play hockey. (Which hasn't been touched in months!) I still am going to get rid of toys, but, we are going to take them to Aunt Peggy's house where the kids can visit them and play with them there. The kids only play with certain toys, while we are at home. ~ The others get left behind to collect dust and be strewn across the floor, by a certain little girl who isn't quite two. This has been a multiple day process, Saturday we got the beds moved and some cleaning done, yesterday we got the whole backroom, cleaned and organized (the way I like it) and we have the front room where their beds are to get a little more organized.
It is looking really good now - I will have to post the finished product soon! Until next time - Enjoy!