Sunday, February 28, 2010

February ..Gone like the Wind

This month has flown past! We have been busy, from Morgan's birthday, to Lucy the Master of Messes, a new piano, God has blessed us with, and Valentine's Day.

First Morgan: Her birthday came and went, quickly, like they always do and she is now 7! She loves to do many things, she is very crafty, she loves to read, help Lucy, clean and she loves dolls. Over the winter she has had an American Girl magazine, that is litterally in pieces now! She had went through this catalog hundreds of times and had circled, everything she wanted, even the exact look like me doll! She had no clue that it would become a reality for her to get a doll ~ she knew they are expensive. Her birthday came, it was the first night of our Children's Program at Church, Wednesday Night Warriors. She was so excited all day to start in Warriors, as this is her first year. First thing in the morning I took the kids ice skating and all 3 of them skated together. The coach wants Morgan and Logan to work on Pair Skating. (we'll see about that $$) The kids had a great time and really enjoyed skating, Morgan was excited to bring cupcakes to share with her friends. We had friends come over that afternoon - and I had taken their baby's picture for them as a gift. My friend happened to bring cupcakes over, not knowing it was Morgan's birthday! After they had left, everyone got cleaned up and we went to church. At church Morgan's best buddy, Tillie, brought her a gift and she was thrilled. Morgan had a great time at church and Mrs. Rhodes had gotten Morgan an awesome cookie for her birthday! By the end of the night, Morgan didn't even realize that Jason and I had not given her a gift, her day had been so full! Morgan's party was on Saturday and she was tickled to get her own American Girl Doll, her friends were so excited for her, they all have similar dolls! She was so suprised, it made the price worth while.
She hasn't left "Emily" alone hardly at all ~ She takes her everywhere with her! Grandma Linda had gotten "Emily" an iceskating outfit and iceskates, Grandma and Grandpa Kanellis had gotten "Emily" a western outfit, with Cowgirl boots! Morgan loves to change her clothes. She loves it that Emily can go skating with her too!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


My life has changed in the past two months and I have been consumed by much. I currently am trying to get school done every day and do some catch up with the kids. The kids have been enjoying ice skating and playing in the snow from time to time. Morgan is really excelling in ice skating, as are the boys. January, was very cold and snowy! Most every day we have a fire burning in our wood burning stove in our basement. The kids have always loved to help get the newspaper ready and watch it start to burn. They all have learned, at a young age, that it's hot and we stay back. Thankfully, they all have listened. Lucy loves to help get it started and watch it, before shutting the doors.

On January 22, the kids and I were going to the sledding party at Squaw Creek with our church. The kids look forward to this event every year! The closer it gets, the count down begins, as does the praying for snow. This year that was no different, they were excited! Even Lucy joined in the action!
During the middle of the sledding party, I receive the inevitable call, that my Grandma had passed away. It was devastating to me and I am very thankful for my friends that were there with me, they were all very supportive and very helpful with my kids. I, as well as my kids love my grandma dearly.
This picture is from Logan's Birthday, December 4, 2009.